History of this site began in December 1999, when "Russian Aviation Photo Page" was opened, as a part of "Stolichniy Charter" site. At the March of 2000 the site became independent and was given it's own name: MOW Plane Spotting. On April 15, 2001 server by.ru (where our site was hosted) was closed and all information from our site was lost. We decided do not recover the old site, but to build a new one!

At our new page AIRLINERS.DA.RU we want to place pictures ONLY OF RUSSIAN build civil planes, and western build aircraft, that fly with RUSSIAN airlines. We love all western build aircraft, but there are too many shots of them at the web.

We would greatly appreciate your help in building this site: send us (tu204@beep.ru) your own photos!

Nikolai Ionkine,
editor of AIRLINERS.DA.RU.